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Robert Sutherland Building (former Policy Studies) – Room 202

Robert Sutherland Hall is located on Union Street between Sir John A. Macdonald Hall and Tindall Field.

Main Entrance
The main entrance on Union Street is accessible and enters onto the building’s onto Level 2. There is no automatic door opener. Conference room 202 is off the main lobby.

Rear Entrance
The rear entrance is accessible and has an automatic door opener:
· from University Avenue follow the pathway between Dunning and Richardson Halls to the long narrow, moderately inclined concrete ramp.
· from Union Street follow the path between Macdonald Hall and Robert Sutherland Hall through the courtyard and use the ramp at the far end by Mackintosh-Corry Hall.

West Entrance (from Tindall Field)
There are two entrances to the building near Tindall Field, but only the northwest entrance is accessible. There is no automatic door opener.

South Entrance
The south entrance to Robert Sutherland Hall is accessible. It is located near the ramp by Mackintosh-Corry Hall and enters the building at level 2. There is no automatic door opener.

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