St. Patrick’s Day at Queen’s University

Every week of the year, you’ll find charity fundraisers at Queen’s – and St. Patrick’s Day is no different! Find out how & where to buy St. Patrick’s Day merch + find a cause that you’re interested in supporting!

Every week of the year, you’ll find a variety of charity fundraising initiatives happening on-campus, and the week of St. Patrick’s Day is no different!

We’ve collected all the clothing sales you’ve been seeing across campus into ONE PLACE! Keep reading to find a cause that you’re interested in supporting!

? Part 1: Where to Buy St. Patrick’s Day Merch at Queen’s *2019*?

Nyantende Foundation $25 green long-sleeve t-shirts

  • Friday, Mar. 15 from 11am-3pm @ ARC
  • About: The Nyantende Foundation helps the most marginalized children and youth in the Nyantende district of the Democratic Republic of Congo by offering them an opportunity to attend local schools. We believe education is a basic human necessity as it provides youth with the tools necessary to build a life they have reason to value. Since 2010, Nyantende Foundation has subsidized 100% of tuition fees and learning materials for over 250 youth.

Queen’s Friends of MSF – $5 bandana, necklace, temporary tattoo

  • Friday, Mar. 15 at 11am-3pm @ ARC
  • About the cause: Médecins Sans Frontières, also known in English as Doctors Without Borders, is an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases.

Students Facing Noma – t-shirts & accessories

  • Saturday, Mar. 16 at 11am-3pm @ ARC
  • About the cause: Student’s Facing Noma serves to raise awareness and funds to fight the disease Noma through supporting the organization Facing Africa.

Queen’s Tech for Change – $15 t-shirts

  • Friday, Mar. 15 at 2:30pm-5:30pm @ MacCorry- while quantities last
  • About the cause: All proceeds go towards One Laptop Per Child

Scinapse Queen’s – $15 t-shirts and long-sleeve t-shirts

  • Friday, Mar. 15 at 10am-3pm @ ARC
  • About the cause: a vibrant. science and research-based club on campus. They run a provincial Undergraduate Science Case Competition, a Careers talk, and Getting into Research at Queen’s.

Heart 4 Heart Queen’s University – $15 hats

  • Friday, Mar. 15 at 12pm-3pm @ ARC
  • About the cause: raises money to provide life-saving surgeries for children in various developing countries born with congenital heart defects.

Step Above Stigma – $10 socks

  • Friday, Mar. 15 at 9:30am-11:30am @ ARC
  • About the cause: 100% goes to mental health initiatives at Queen’s.

Queen’s Students for Partners In Health Canada – $15 t-shirts

  • About the cause: Partners in Health is a global health organization relentlessly committed to improving the health of poor and marginalized people.

Oil Thigh Designs – various clothing, see Lookbook here

  • Monday through Friday at 10am-5:30pm @ Oil Thigh Designs is on the main floor of the JDUC across from Quizno’s.
  • About the cause: ALL proceeds go to local Kingston charities.

Did you know?

By 4th year of undergraduate study, 60% of Queen’s students have participated in community service or volunteering and 33% have participated in community-based projects. Source: Queen’s University.

Featured image: Campus Equipment Outfitters is a student-run service that provides affordable quality merchandise to individuals and organizations.

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