Trivia Night Locations in Kingston

Did you know? Every week, you can test your obscure pop culture knowledge at one of these locations! 




  • Boston Pizza (near Division & 401) – themed trivia once a month (all ages, open to public)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pub Trivia

1. Don’t cheat.

No Googling or Shazamming answers. You might think you’re outsmarting people by trying to hide it but cheaters always get caught.

2. Don’t play for “sheep stations.”

Don’t be the the stick in the mud that questions the wording of every question. The host most likely hasn’t written the question so all they have for clarification is exactly what they have been given. Unless the question is actually a riddle, don’t overthink most questions and assume it’s trying to be tricky.

3. Don’t talk through the whole night and then ask for everything to be repeated. 

Repeating questions a thousand times drags the night out for everyone. The pub has to close eventually. Most good hosts will ask a question twice and also ask at the end of a round if anyone needs any repeats. They’ll probably also be happy to come over to your table to repeat a question if it’s a particularly loud pub. Any more than three repeats and you might need to see a hearing specialist.

Also listen for any rules or stipulations a host might put on questions. If they say they need a full sports team name or that a song is by multiple artists and that’s what’s needed for full points, complaints at the time of scoring will fall on deaf ears (much like the hint did when your host tried to help in the first place).

4. Don’t be a table hog.

If you know you have a small team and there are small tables available, don’t take the larger tables that can be used by larger teams. You can always move to a bigger table or booth once the night has begun. Having to get staff to move tables to accommodate bigger teams slows the night down for everyone.

5. Don’t yell out answers if there’s a trivia night that you’ve decided not to be a part of.

Not playing trivia and yelling out answers ruins the night for everyone who is actually there to play. You know the types. Usually the drunk up the back thinking they’re the smart ones by telling the whole pub who’s singing that song from the 70s or what country Machu Picchu is in. Even if they are the right answers, that person is the biggest idiot in the room. Always.

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