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Spring is finally here! As open-minded urban explorers, we often take the time on our weekends or in between studying sessions to go for long walks by the waterfront, or to go window shopping downtown, but have you ever taken an hour to stop into one of Kingston’s fine art galleries?

Studio 22 Open Gallery (320 King St E) is a unique venue in the heart of downtown Kingston, just opposite from Market Square and up the stairs. They are open to the public on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am-6pm, and are open late on Thursdays until 8pm, and Friday evenings until 10 pm.

Add some culture to your next date night, and check out one of the exhibits at Studio 22 Open Gallery! You’ll be glad you did!

Paintings by Robert Blenderman

Studio 22 Open Gallery is delighted to exhibit Paintings by Robert Blenderman.

Very few artists are ever bestowed with diplomatic honours, the keys to the city, or even credited with representing the soul of a place. Robert Blenderman, however, is one of those rare artists. After nearly 60 years capturing the spirit if Kingston in paint, Blenderman hasn’t yet been given the key to the city, but he has amassed a well-deserved following of admirers and collectors. Of his work and the adopted home which continues to inspire him, Blenderman says, “In my paintings I try to capture the essence of Kingston’s urban uniqueness and Canada’s abundant natural beauty.”

Blenderman’s tireless imagination is hardly exhausted by local streetscapes and landscapes. Realistic, classically styled still lives and wildly expressive abstracts have also been the subject of his attention over the years.

Through a lifelong dedication to developing his natural gift, along with his admirably disciplined focus, Blenderman has produced and impressive ouvre during his long career. Studio 22 is extremely fortunate to represent an artist of such vast talent and thrilled to be able to exhibit new paintings from a beloved local icon.

A Perfect Day; New Oils by Susan Oomen

Susan Oomen’s works perfectly express mood; capturing stillness in action.  Serene lakescapes depict a life well lived, paddlers float upon light-dappled water, portraying the double meaning of reflection.  Idyllic boathouses and iconic muskoka chairs invite the viewer to take pause. The works suggest moments of solitude as well as intimate pairings, illustrations of what it means to be close to nature and to one another. Each moment depicted invites the viewer to reminisce about their own beloved interactions with the natural world and the joy of living fully.

A Perfect Day is a reminder of the sanctuary of nature and the invaluable gift of tranquility. Featuring ethereal canvases of various shapes and sizes, Oomen’s latest exhibit offers a portal to a meditative state of mind; connecting you to beauty and bringing a moment of contemplative bliss into your home, office, or cottage. As Oomen herself remarks, “It becomes a visual journey, as your eye travels, taking in water, then shoreline, horizon and sky. Perhaps for a few moments, through this journey, we have imagined ourselves there.”

Having grown up in a large Dutch farming family in Smith Falls, Ontario, Oomen remains close to her roots.  While she has made her home in Utopia, Ontario, her paintings are often inspired by the landscapes, lakes, and waterways of the Thousand Islands region, Algonquin Park, and the Muskokas.

A graduate of the Fine Arts Program at Queen’s University, Kingston, Susan Oomen is represented by Studio 22 in Kingston, Ontario and Roberts Gallery in Toronto. Susan has shown in galleries throughout Canada for over 30 years and has just completed solo shows in 2016 and 2014 at Roberts Gallery, and at Studio 22 in 2015. She has received various awards and grants over the years and her work can be found in public and private collections throughout Canada and the United States. Her painting titled ‘Annie’s Wake’ was featured in September 2016 on the cover of the American Psychologist

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Paintings by Robert Blenderman and A Perfect Day; New Oils by Susan Oomen will be on exhibit at Studio 22 Open Gallery, located at 320 King Street East, Kingston from Tuesday, April 4 to Saturday, May 13.

For more information about the artists or the exhibition, contact: Ally Jacob – Director/Gallery Manager – 613-546-7461 / 1-866-842-9895 ally@s22.ca, www.s22.ca

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