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FEATURED: Isabel Human Rights Arts Festival

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Isabel Human Rights Arts Festival! Experience live performances, films, debates, discussions, and multi-disciplinary events that give you insight into our world today through the diverse lens of the human experience.


The arts are a powerful voice in promoting awareness and action in human rights.

The Isabel is privileged to partner with diverse artists and human rights activists who have dedicated their lives to create a fairer and inclusive future for humanity. Nothing could be more important in this challenging political world climate, in which we are now immersed, than to inspire people to actively participate and create a political and legal environment that will protect world citizens from prejudice, hatred, and violence.

VOICES Multimedia Exhibit

March 4-8 at The Isabel Art & Media Lab

VOICES is a multi-disciplinary showcase of painting, sculpture, costumes, and poetry that highlights and strengthens the marginalized voices that exist within the Queen’s community.

Exhibit includes: Don’t Touch My Hair— a sculpture installation targeting the fetishization of black hair; community stories gathered by the intersectional feminists called “Humans of Worth” (H.O.W.); and Dazzling Drag Design with three individuals in the Queen’s drag community who will design outfits of their choice.

FLIP THE SCRIPT: "The Hunting Ground" Film Screening + Discussion about Rape Culture

Fri. March 9 at The Isabel

The statistics are staggering. One in five women in college are sexually assaulted, yet only a fraction of these crimes are reported, and even fewer result in punishment for the perpetrators. The Hunting Ground, a piercing, monumental exposé of rape culture on campuses, is poised to light a fire under a national debate. Followed by a special panel discussion. Trigger and Support Booth provided by the AMS Peer Support Centre.

Part of the “FLIP THE SCRIPT— WOMEN, CAMERAS AND JUSTICE” curated film series.

Directed by Kirby Dick. Produced by Amy Ziering. USA, 1 hr 43 min, 2015.

TICKETS: General Public $15 – Faculty/Staff $13 – Students: Pay What You Can at the door

ACSA Culture Show: Project Afro-Odyssey

Sat. March 17 at The Isabel

Journey through a multicultural arts showcase featuring dance, spoken word, musical and theatrical expression, and fashion. Performed by Queen’s students and community artists, this celebration of culture, identity, and self-expression creates a space to learn and experience diverse cultural perspectives at Queen’s.

ACSA provides representation of a diversity of cultural, ethnic, and religious groups at Queen’s University and Kingston, while advocating for and supporting human rights. This year, proceeds from the Culture Show will support The Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (Oahas), an organization dedicated to supporting and developing response strategies for those affected by the changing HIV/AIDS epidemic within Indigenous communities.

TICKETS: Students $20 – General public $28


FLIP THE SCRIPT: Indigenous Short Films

Thursday, March 22 at The Isabel

A remarkable cadre of young talented women filmmakers will be exhibiting their films at this special event, with a director talkback to follow.

The films feature strong, thoughtful women protagonists, whether in documentaries, or as fictional characters. This series of films is curated by Susan Lord and Dorit Naaman, faculty members of Queen’s Department of Film and Media.

  • Nuuca is an evocative meditation on Indigenous women’s integral connection to land and the ways in which the extractive industry’s rape of the earth is directly linked to the violence perpetrated against Indigenous women and girls.
  • Nimmikaage (She Dances for People) reverses the colonial lens where it is the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit wome who emerge as grounded in the real world, and the European Canadians who appear curious and exotic. The film is fortified by the emotional resonance of Tanya Tagaq‘s Flight.
  • Savage: On a summer day in the 1950s, a native girl watches the countryside go by from the backseat of a car. A woman at her kitchen table sings a lullaby in her Cree language. When the girl arrives at her destination, she undergoes a transformation that will turn the woman’s gentle voice into a howl of anger and pain.
  • Indictment: The Crimes of Shelly Chartier: A riveting true story about the crimes of Shelly Chartier, a reclusive young woman from a small Manitoba First Nation who was sensationalized in the media as a master manipulator. This compelling story unpacks the crime and raises important questions about the Canadian justice system.

General Public $15 – Faculty/Staff $13 – Students: Pay What You Can at the door


FLIP THE SCRIPT: "The Judge" Film Screening

Thurs. March 8 at 7pm at The Isabel

Mar. 8: The Judge at The IsabelTHE JUDGE provides a rare insight into Shari’ah law, an often-misunderstood legal framework for Muslims, told through the eyes of the first woman judge to be appointed to the Middle East’s religious courts. This screening is part of the “FLIP THE SCRIPT— WOMEN, CAMERAS AND JUSTICE” curated film series.

Directed by Erika Cohn. Palestine, USA, 82 minutes, 2017. Arabic with English Subtitles.

TICKETS: General Public $15 – Faculty/Staff $13 – Students: Pay What You Can at the door.

CBC Ideas: Sir John A. On Trial

Friday, March 16 at The Isabel

He is credited as the father our nation. Without him, Confederation might never have happened.

As the celebrations of Canada’s 150th birthday die down, the controversy around John A. Macdonald’s legacy grows.

Jean Teillet, renowned Metis lawyer and the great-grandniece of Louis Riel, will prosecute Canada’s first Prime Minister. Frank Addario, an award-winning criminal defence lawyer, will act in Macdonald’s legal defence. The Honourable Ian Binnie, former Supreme Court Justice, will serve as judge for this enacted trial.

This onstage multi-media experience will include recorded “testimonies” drawn from Macdonald’s era, as well as from legal and historical experts today. Be a part of the live audience for this nationally broadcasted event on CBC Radio’s leading program, Ideas.


Queer Songbook Orchestra ft. Leah Fay July Talk)

Tuesday, March 20 at The Isabel

Featuring works by kd Lang, Billy Strayhorn, Rodgers & Hart,Ani DiFranco, Stephen Sondheim, and more, Songs of Resilience will uplift and empower the audience.

The Queer Songbook Orchestra reveals the LGBTQ backstories and personal narratives that populate music. Collaborating with some of the leading voices from across Canada, each selection the QSO performs has been reinterpreted specifically for the ensemble, allowing the listener a new entry point into familiar works. The QSO is a favourite of festivals and arts centres across Canada including Luminato, The Banff Centre, the National Arts Centre, and more.

TICKETS: Student $16 – Faculty/Staff $32 – General Public $39


FLIP THE SCRIPT: Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

Friday, March 23 at 7pm at The Isabel

“Marlina, a recently bereaved widow, is set upon by a group of men with rape on their minds—but she sure knows how to fight back. This is a proudly feminist work and a slam-bang revenge drama. The violence is harsh, the settings are beautiful and the narrative is utterly gripping. In her lead character, Surya has created a figure so striking, so proud, that it is a thrill to identify with her.”

Part of the “FLIP THE SCRIPT— WOMEN, CAMERAS AND JUSTICE” curated film series.

Directed by Mouly Surya. Indonesia/France/Malaysia/Thailand. 95 Minutes, 2017.

TICKETS: General Public $15 – Faculty/Staff $13 – Students: Pay What You Can at the door


"A Gift From Mortadella" Musical

April 20-21 at H'art Centre


Join over 40 remarkable local performers, most with developmental disabilities, for this spirited celebratory performance showcasing their talents as actors, musicians and visual artists.

A Gift from Martadella is a story about a young woman who embarks on a journey of new personal discoveries drawing inspiration from that same magical bubble wand from years ago.

Produced by H’art Centre. Directed by Kathryn MacKay. Music Direction by David Archibald, Kathi Toth-Switzer. Performed by H’art participants


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