Vogue Charity Fashion Show poster

With the weather warming up, people are finally leaving the house to attend events in the city – and not a moment too soon! The annual Vogue Charity Fashion Show is coming to The Grand Theatre this Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

QueensEvents.ca brand ambassador Thor van Walsum went behind-the-scenes with the head designer of this year’s show, Brie Miklaucic, to talk about their theme: Tempora Mutantur.

Q: What does Tempora Mutantur mean?

A: The theme refers to “Times Change and We Change With Them.” The show is divided into 8 scenes — stargazing, flora, fauna, rudimentary innovation, consumerism, city suits, faces of the future, and co-existence. Each scene is spectacular and created by very talented students. The whole show portrays where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re going — the idea is that we change with time, and the final scene (co-existence) shows how all the aspects fit together.

Act 1 Teaser: Stargazing

Q: What are the moments you’re most excited to see on the catwalk this weekend?

A: I’m proud to see all the different aspects that the student designers brought into their collections. For example, some of the designers used paint as a medium in the designs. Another odd medium you’ll see in the show is fairy lights. I’m very excited to see the final scene come together – it’ll have a design from each of the 7 scenes before it plus one final design. I’m proud to see all the different aspects the designers brought into their collections.

Q: Since VCFS is one of the largest student-run events at Queen’s, how do you personally find the energy to balance being a full-time student and Head of Design for the show?

A: I am one part of a massive team that together runs the show. Under the presidents, there is a creative director team and portfolio heads (music, design, dance and model) as well as many other exec who make the show possible. Whenever my school workload is too much, I have these people to lean on and they have been a huge support system to me, as I’ve tried to be for them. Being involved with Vogue gives me an entirely different experience then my program does, and I’ve loved every minute. Well worth a little extra stress — and a little less sleep!

Q: What advice would you give to students who have never attended Vogue Charity Fashion Show before?

A: It is much more than you’re expecting it to be. So many people talk about how professionally done the show is. We’ve been working on this since September and it shows how much time went into bringing it all together. You’ll get to see some talented people right in their element, and nothing is more entertaining then the men’s dance scene! I honestly highly recommend going — just to see that scene!

Act 6 Teaser: Consumerism

Q: This event is known for its incredible impact on the community, often donating up to $65,000 to local causes! Why is VCFS donating to the Sexual Assault Centre of Kingston this year?

A: Each year Vogue asks people to nominate charities. It’s a group decision, but from my point of view, it came down to where we could do the most good. Sexual assault can be a difficult topic to talk about, and even thought 96% of Canadians surveyed agree that sex should be consensual, only about 1/3 actually understand what consent is. We learned other facts from the Sexual Assault Centre of Kingston (SACK), like how about 1 in 10 Canadians don’t think consent should be required between spouses or long term partners. Supporting SACK isn’t just supporting the centre, which is volunteer-run, but it’s also about raising awareness about consent education and making our community safer.

What a message! We’re sure this show will be a highlight of the week — especially that men’s dance scene! Thanks for the tips, Brie!

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Show dates & times:
Thursday, Feb 28 @ 7pm
Friday, Mar 1 @ 7pm
Saturday, Mar 2 @ 7pm

Ticket pricing: $26-$60 – save 20% off with code VCFS20 at checkout!
VIP: $60+
Tier 2: $50+
Tier 3: $43+ / Tier 3 Students – $33+
Tier 4: $38+ / Tier 4 Students – $26+