Perks of being on the team:

  • flexible time commitment, 5 hours per week
  • opportunities to gain real-world experience in several fields including marketing, communications, event planning, software development and journalism.
  • learn and apply new knowledge and skills.
  • meet people from different faculties who share similar interests.
  • make a difference – breaking down communication barriers to improve access to information about incredible events!

Our History

Established in March 2012, is a grassroots event promotion initiative that assembles and distributes information about local events at Queen’s and downtown Kingston.

Through our website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages, visitors can find out about upcoming arts, academic and social events in the community surrounding Queen’s University.

We work with Queen’s clubs, student groups, and local organizations to get the word out to Queen’s students about their events.

Our Vision

To connect all Queen’s University students, faculty, staff and alumni to the greater Kingston community through the promotion of academic, arts, and social events within walking distance of campus.

Who runs it? is a collaboration between 350+ event organizers and a core team. We work together to create an accessible all-in-one events calendar that promotes events at Queen’s University and downtown Kingston!

By day, we are biology, psychology, history and business students, but outside of the classroom we are dreamers, concert-goers, artists, film buffs, creative writers, big thinkers and detailed planners. We believe there’s more to life than keggers – and we can prove it.

We are detail-oriented and plan ahead. We work well with others to accomplish team goals, and are eager to take initiative. We strive to improve the student experience by building relationships within the Queen’s community.

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Next, we’ll contact you to schedule a short phone interview. If all goes smoothly, we’ll train you on everything you need to know to be a stand-out brand ambassador and start running events of your own!

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