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Conversations Across Differences

Saturday, April 29th @ 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Building Bridges Not Walls presents an afternoon of practical skill-building workshops intended to support concerned citizens and seasoned activists alike when engaging in adventurous dialogue. From finding personally-sustainable ways to safely and effectively respond to instances of racism, sexism, and homophobia in your community, to holding a goal-oriented conversation with your impossible uncle (you know the one). Come explore what it is to listen to the person rather than the jargon, biases, fallacies, and “fake news” that serve to keep us disparate and isolated.

Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book, come contribute to building the resilience and unity of our community.

Stay tuned for details of four specific workshop modules useful for concerned citizens and seasoned activists alike. There will be a children’s activity area, and light refreshments provided. Please let us know if you have specific accessibility needs that we can accommodate– BBNW is committed to being accountable to holding safe and functional community space at our events.


Here are our first two workshops! Please keep in mind that the workshops will be running simultaneously and multiple time throughout the event so that you will be able to go to all four if you desire.

Kayley Marsh is a local community activist who designs and facilitates interactive workshops that invite participants to embrace challenge as the space of transformation.

About the Workshop:
Active Listening & the Art of Asking Questions
Attendees are invited to explore your relationship to listening by practicing a specific style of active listening and asking thought-provoking questions.

Aric McBay is a Kingston-based author, farmer and organizer.

About the Workshop:
Goal-Oriented Conversations: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a conversation with someone who has very different (or even hostile) politics. By understanding our specific goals in a conversation–like identifying common ground, encouraging positive action, or defusing misunderstandings–we can make progress in dialogue even when we feel at odds. This workshop will equip you with practical and real-world tools from community organizing, persuasive speaking, and psychological research.


Getting to Conversations Across Differences

The John Deutsch University Centre is located at 87 Union St. on the northeast corner of University Avenue and Union St. The accessible entrance is located on University Avenue. A concrete ramp provides access to the ground floor; the door has an automatic opener. The elevator is located in a small hallway off the lower lobby, which will provide access to the 3rd floor. The event will begin in room 344, ‘the John Orr Room’.

Accessible washrooms are located on the ground floor and level 1. They do not have automatic door openers.

Floor plans showing the locations of elevators, washrooms and services are located throughout the building including near the accessible entrance.

There are accessible parking spaces located on Union Street in front of the Physical Education Centre (one space) and on Clergy Street (two spaces).

Contact us at with all your ideas and questions.


Saturday, April 29th
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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