Queen's Campus & Community Event Promotion

Our History

Established in 2012, QueensEvents.caย is grassroots event promotion initiative to assemble information about local events all in one place. Through the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visitors can find out aboutย all the upcoming events at Queen’s University and the surrounding community – bringing together all arts, academic and social event planners for a common purpose.

Who runs it?

QueensEvents.ca is a collaboration between 300+ event organizers, working together to create an accessible all-in-one events calendar. It’s free to become a contributor.ย Our core team takes care of marketing, website development, partnerships, and training.

Our Mission

Toย improve access to information about all upcoming events within walking distance of Queen’s University.

Our Vision

To connect all Queen’s University students, faculty, staff and alumni to the greater Kingston community through the promotion of academic, arts, and social events within walking distance of campus.